At the forefront of Africa’s technological revolution

Technology will continue to revolutionize communications and commerce, impacting directly and indirectly business and society in a multitude of ways. How well African businesses anticipate new technologies will allow them to create competitive advantages, accessing new markets, sometimes creating them.

Over the last two decades, a vast technological revolution has taken place in Africa, with companies ready to innovate, and people enthusiastically embracing this innovation. As a result, a number of African markets have been “early adopters” of new technologies such as mobile banking services or state-of-the-art transportation means in the healthcare sector. This growth is expected to continue in the coming years, and the challenges that it poses will require lawyers who think creatively and who can come up with innovative solutions.

Our teams have advised on a broad swathe of technology, media and telecommunication transactions, from building bandwidth capacity and cloud services to transactions to using technology to improve health care. We have ability and drive to accompany market innovators as they change the way business is done in Africa.