Providing ingenious solutions to complex energy problems

Energy development holds the key to Africa’s economic future. Accelerating access to universal, affordable, reliable and sustainable energy is a central objective to numerous African governments and a clearly identified need.

Complex energy problems require ingenious solutions. Our team has in-depth understanding of the economic, social and technical environments that condition public and private action in this expansive sector. We provide critical advice to accompany our clients as they a play a pivotal role in the rapidly changing landscape of African Energy and Power sectors.

Among the leading teams in African Energy, our expertise runs from the world’s largest hydroelectric project in the DRC to major geothermal projects in Kenya, spanning in between the full range of thermal and renewable technologies including solar, wind, biomass and gas-fired projects. We advise governments, project developers, multilateral institutions and others in projects as diverse in scope and size as the multitudes of different energy markets across Africa.