Accompanying our clients in some of the largest and most complex projects on the African continent

Building modern, sustainable, and reliable infrastructure is key to economic development throughout Africa. Critical to fostering economic growth, investments in the infrastructure sector offer new opportunities and improve lives.

As part of the ongoing modernization and uplift of Africa, Public-Private Partnerships operate as one of the tools to deliver infrastructure and services. They allow governments to tap private capital to accelerate project delivery and enhance efficiency. This acceleration and progress does not, however, come without technical and legal challenges. ASAFO & CO. helps clients overcome those challenges, advancing projects that advance Africa.

Our Project Development and PPP team has considerable experience advising on the design and preparation of PPP regulations. We have accompanied a very substantial number of public and private operators on some of the largest and most complex transactions on the African continent, including projects integrating shared infrastructure, power projects that have the potential to provide electricity to the bulk of the African continent, as well as complex financing schemes.