Seeking business-oriented solutions for disputes before national courts, community courts of justice, regulatory bodies and international arbitral tribunals

Asafo & Co.’s dispute resolution and international arbitration department provides seamless coverage and handling of clients’ disputes, whether before national courts, community courts of justice, regulatory bodies or international arbitral tribunals.

Our litigators have extensive experience before the national courts of all major African Francophone countries and abroad.  We typically handle “bet-the-company” litigation across the African Continent and further afield. Just as important, we have the skills to counsel clients in collecting on judgments and awards in a wide variety of jurisdictions.

Our international arbitration team (in Paris and Nairobi) has vast experience advising clients in both commercial and investment arbitrations, in both common law and civil law systems, in both the English and French languages, in all the world’s major places of arbitration. Highly active and recognised in the key international arbitration institutions, including the ICC, LCIA, HKIAC and ICSID, as well as some of the newer arbitral institutions in Africa and elsewhere, we also know how to think like outsiders and apply a new approach when needed to achieve the best results for our clients.

Whatever the forum, we provide insightful advice to each of our clients, and seek business-oriented solutions where appropriate, including mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution, to ensure delivery of quality and cost-effective service.  We know that litigation too often results in a pyrrhic victory, and that our clients can benefit from a well-timed settlement.