Faith Rotich



Languages English | Kipsigis | Kiswahili

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Dispute Resolution & International Arbitration | Labour & Employment

Faith has a wealth of experience in Land and property disputes, Employment and Labour Relations, Family and Probate, Medico-Legal disputes, Intellectual Property, Public Procurement, Arbitration and Commercial disputes. She has a keen interest and specialization in Constitutional and Administrative law and Human rights litigation.

She is currently involved in the Advisory Opinion Reference filed on behalf of the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights seeking an advisory opinion from the Supreme Court of Kenya, regarding the leadership and integrity values and principles in the Constitution of Kenya, 2010. This will have ramifications across Kenya’s entire public governance framework once determined.

She is also involved in the litigation before the High Court defending the interests of the KCB Group PLC in a petition filed seeking to stop the takeover of the National Bank of Kenya by KCB Group PLC. The petition raises issues that include whether the court has jurisdiction to hear and determine the matter whereas the Capital Markets Act requires parties to first seek remedies before the Capital Markets Authority and the Capital Markets Tribunal which specialize on matters that include take overs and mergers. It also seeks to have the court determine whether such a transaction ought to be subjected to public participation.

Additionally, Faith is currently prosecuting the institution of a class action suit challenging the regulatory approach of the Central Bank of Kenya and Kenya Deposit Insurance Corporation in the placing of Imperial Bank under receivership in 2015. This class action involves all affected depositors of the collapsed bank which at the time was one of the largest middle-tier banks in Kenya.